Wine is imbibed almost all over the world, but it is not always the most suitable wine for the locationís food. There are many thousands of flavors on earth, while wine, to suit the requirements of the major wine industries, is daily becoming more identical, heading towards a uniform model, reproducible in millions of hectoliters in any part of the world. In North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, now also in China and unfortunately in most European countries, 98% of output is of standardized, globalized and nearly always banal-ized wine. The remaining 2% is the prerogative of the really great wines that for cost reasons will never become part of everyday consumption practice.

Our objective as producers linked to the culture of their territory, the Monferrato and Ovada in particular, is to respect the typicality of the native vines, whose wines have for centuries accompanied and naturally complemented the food and foodstuffs of the same geographic area: never randomly or by chance. In fact the evolution in tastes has happened contemporaneously, due as much to the locationís traditional raw materials as to the techniques for preparing and elaborating dishes and wines.
Gastronomic ideas and combinations as suggested by Mario and Giovanni Benzo of the Ristorante Bel Soggiorno, in Cremolino (province of Alessandria)

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